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Friday, August 26, 2011

Celebrating the big 21

My 21st birthday was slightly uneventful as mine falls early (in school calendar terms) and therefore most of my friends couldn't legally take me out to the type of grown-up establishments many people like to frequent for those such events, though two of my dear slightly older friends did and the whole thing was pretty low-key.

However, today is a celebration of 21 not as a rite of passage or the passage of time, but because the kiva group is currently supporting loans in 21 countries!!! Woo-hoo! That's almost halfway to the goal and I've still got 19 years to finish up the races! (yup, I'm almost 31- augh!) Of course, we have no intentions of stopping once we reach the goal, but I never would have thought we'd get so far so quickly.

Though the loans cover 21 countries, the awesome 50 in 50 by 50 group (made up of 18 lenders- at least 3 of which I don't even know!) is supporting 33 loans total. One of the countries, I have to admit, I didn't even know existed. Have you ever heard of Benin? My geography always has been terrible. Well, it's in West Africa and kind of in the shape of a torch. Look it up! Learn something new! (or shame me by saying, "you've never heard of Benin?")

Anyway, a big THANKS to all those who have loaned, and if you are interested in joining us, feel free at any time! My next race to spur on the next donation is at the end of September, when I will run the Race for Our Kids in Baltimore, MD with these lovely ladies:

(couldn't find a recent pic of the three of us together that I haven't already posted on here)

Until next time, keep up the dreaming!

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  1. you've never heard of Benin? (Actually its kind of a funny story that I have, but will save for another time!!) Happy 21st!!!