Journey with me as I ever so slowly attempt to run 50 races in 50 states by the time I am 50...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Very Jersey Thanksgiving

Okay, it wasn't that Jersey. I mean there were no Snooki sightings and I barely heard an accent, but I was in the state for thanksgiving and we did watch a movie that took place in New Jersey. I also ran my Jersey race and the last song I heard in the car before starting was by Bon Jovi. (Or JBJ as the woman in the movie affectionately calls him).

This was my fourth attempt at a race in either New York or New Jersey and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I was thankful to finally cross one of the two states off the list.

I planned the trip to Jersey over Thanksgiving since my family was out of town and it was high time I visited my friend Felice, and her new sweet baby boy. It was good to spent time with her family, and the two of us got some good bonding time in.

We also got to visit the botanical gardens, AKA her soon-to-be new backyard, and I got to try out the "sunset" setting on my new camera. Yeah.

The race itself was a 5 mile turkey trot in Westfield, NJ. It was a pretty big turn-out for a small-town race (around 800 runners) and it was a beautiful day for a run (almost 60 degrees on November 26th)! The race course takes you for one loop in the park and then about 3 miles through a residential area. It was simple, but pretty, and had good crowd support. I focused on trying to improve running the tangents and kept my pace even with some high school track gals just ahead of me - I was determined to stick with them and prove that being twice their age didn't mean I'd have to finish in twice the time. And I am thankful for their motivation! I was happy with my time (39:07.5) though it only put me 9th in my age group and 192nd overall. It was a 7:49 split, which is good for me, so I was stoked! Food and activities pre- and post- race were good and overall, I'd recommend this run as a nice November jaunt.

So, as we end the time of celebrating our thanks and move into a time of giving, consider donating to Kiva as an act of both. And THANK YOU to all those who donate, support, listen, etc.

I am a thankful runner.


  1. I hate running... :) But, i'm thankful that we all have things we're thankful for and that bring us great joy... congrats and good luck as you continue your quest :)

  2. Caitlin -

    Your photos put the best face on New Jersey, a state that I primarily associate with Bayonne, industrial brown fields and the dreadful "situation" of Jersey Shore, Snooki and its Dante-esque glimpses of Hell on earth...

    But on a lighter note! The photo of you and Felice is delightful, not surprising given that you are both such lovely ladies - and reflects the depth over your friendship extending back to kindergarden and "Moses and the Freedom Fanatics".

    A suggestion to cross NY off your 50x50 list: the NYC Marathon or the 1/2M if it isn't too late to register for 2012 - or wait until 2013 when I can join you...

    Keep on running!


  3. Oh my gosh, Dad-- Moses and the Freedom Fanatics! Now there is a blast from the past! :)

  4. Good time! Maybe someday I'll be quick like that :) Glad you finally got to run in NJ and cross another state off!

  5. Thanks, Amanda! You'll get there - you can run like the wind as you breathe in the wind!