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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Long Time Gone

Okay, not really. My trip to Alaska was, sadly, only a bit over 5 days long, not counting travel. Not. Enough. Time. But as soon as I got back I had 36 hours before flying out again for a weekend away, so it has been a long time since this poor blog has gotten any of my attention. I'm back, baby. No need to start singing Don't Go Breakin' My Heart because I'll try not to be so slow again. And I did enough karaoke while in Anchorage.

As usual, I digress. (But it's worth it when Miss Piggy and Elton John are involved)

I love Alaska! True, I probably couldn't make it there year-round like my tough sister and her hubby, but for a summer visit-- fabulous.

And of course, I ran a race. Number 12.

Remember all that talk about my planning to run a race in Wasilla? Well, oops. I meant Willow. I just didn't know I meant it. Some reason I had Wasilla in my head, but the whole time I was planning on running a race in Willow. Willow - Wasilla what's the diff to this naive of the lower 48?

Regardless, Willow was cute and I was happy to be a part of the day. Only $10, and not exactly crowded at registration.

I love these small town races. There was a prize for the most patriotic, and while I was hoping to win with my awesome temporary tattoos and colorful hair ribbons, I couldn't deny that a super hero cape blew me out of the water. (His sister had a tutu, but had taken it off at this point.)

I came in 2nd out of the women (there were, uh, maybe 12 of us?!) I thought I might try for first but as soon as the race started and the girl ahead of me took off I realized that was not going to happen. The course was varied, with parts of it on ATV paths, a bit in the woods, and most on a beautiful dirt road surrounded by tall trees and covered with a lovely blue sky. (Sorry, no pictures of that!)

My sister was nice enough to take a picture of me finishing, and volunteered to be the official race photographer.

I guess I technically set a PR since this was the only 4-miler I've ever done, but my time was nothing to write home about. I don't write home anyway. I write blogs. Duh.

Since it was such a small race, everyone was super supportive of one another, each of us telling the other how well they did and how we just couldn't catch up to them (like the 10 year old who finished just ahead of me!)

Alaska, I will miss you. Family, I will miss you more. But the good thing about 50 in 50 is that it keeps me looking forward. My next race will either be a second try at West Virginia or Baltimore, MD for the CMP.

And of course, as always, visit the kiva page to make a loan!


  1. OH wow. I love that top picture. I'd love to go to Alaska someday, I hear it's one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  2. I have never been to a race so...quaint. But I guess in Alaska, and particularly little places like Willow, one shouldn't expect anything else. I hope to run a quaint race someday too. :)

    And secondly, did you see Matt while you were up in Alaska? He was waving at you from his cruise boat but you probably were too busy climbing rocks and running a race in Willow to notice...shucks.

  3. I'm super jealous you went to Alaska! That top pic is gorgeous. I have a few cousins who live there, and they absolutely love it. That race looked fun! And it probably wasn't 112 degrees in Alaska like it was in Oklahoma that weekend, so that's a plus. Bravo.

  4. That first photo is so beautiful - WOW!! Great job, #12! :)


    New to blogging!

  5. Hey y'all-- thanks for the comments. It was a great trip-- as you said, beautiful, and no, not 112 degrees. :)

    Cami- thanks for checking me out and your site looks good so far! Have fun with it!