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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sea Level is for Sissies

Race number 5...Allenspark, Colorado

Chrissy found out about the race taking place in Allenspark (the town where our camp is located) earlier in the year and we registered online. Apparently we were pretty eager because I was the first person to register and Chrissy was 6th!

We were pretty nervous about this race because of the altitude (8,000 ft) and even though we had been training in the altitude, we certainly hadn't run 3.1 miles in it....mostly around 2.

This was the first ever race organized for Allenspark and overall they did a great job. The course itself was rolling with lots of hills, but shady and well supported by crowds even though Allenspark is an incredibly small town. They offered a wellness fair at the end of the race and had plenty of fruit, water, gatorade, and energy bars.

We definitely didn't break any records but I was proud of our finish because 1. we finished! and 2. we didn't walk once. We came in at around 33 minutes but were happy that we at least beat some dogs and babies. ;-)

If anyone is looking for a challenging race in a cute little town, this would be a great one to check out.

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