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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A trip to Jupiter

Race number 7 brought me all the way to Jupiter....Florida that is.

As I was unable to find a race while in Florida with my family, I called up my friend Jeff and arranged a visit. Luckily, I was also able to talk him into signing up with me!

The race was for an organization called Children's Home Society of Florida ( that provides services to children and families. I was excited since I hold those issues close to my heart and the organization looks like a really great one. Plus, free pancakes after the race. :-)

We had an Olympic-themed weekend after being inspired by all the activity in Nagano, so the race was the perfect end to a competitive few days. Jeff may have won a gold for most entertaining race partner. He should lead stretching, breathing, and running-with-style classes.

We stayed together and finished in 27 minutes, which is quite good for Jeff's first race (and got me 4th in my age group). It was an interesting course- inside a park across from the beach on a raised track- and there weren't too many serious runners, but it was well done overall. Most importantly, it was a fun race in a beautiful place with a good friend.

I think the slow pace of this 50 in 50 journey, while perhaps not making for exciting blogging, is a positive because it gives me many more experiences like this to look forward to and I know I have many years to enjoy them all.

One week until New York!

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  1. I love Jupiter! My parents used to live there & I sometimes stay with their old buddies when I need a beach break. It's nice b/c it's so residential & a break from the touristy FL beaches ( Tiger Woods & Celine Dion live on the island across the draw bridge.)