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Monday, July 13, 2009

Nebraska! (or, a 10 hour car ride)

So Chrissy and I just completed our 2nd race together as part of our 50 in 50 adventure (her 3rd state, my 4th). For Nebraska, we decided to just do a small town run, since the timing was right and it was drivable from Highlands, the summer camp where she lives and I work.

We had originally signed up for the 10k but after taking into account the LONG car ride we would have before and after the run, we decided to punk out and drop to the 5k. Good plan, in hindsight. The drive was acually a good time, because it started after a morning of sleeping in and eating lunch at Meadow Mountain, plus it was great just sharing a road trip with a great friend!

We did however decide that our friend Emily needs to join us on more future runs as Chrissy and I (being the twins we are) both get too nervous and work ourselves up. On the way back, the ride was a bit more rough since I took a turn too early and we ended up taking back roads for 40 miles longer than we needed too. But Chrissy was a champion and stayed awake for the whole ride! (Not so much for me.)

The town, Cozad, was very small and only 82 people did the 5k, but what I will remember the most was the HEAT. 80 degrees at 8pm. The course itself was fairly boring, just small town streets-- one big square essentially, but people hosed us off as we went by, which I was very greatful for. I ended up winning an "etched mug" (really a glass) for coming in 2nd in my age group (out of 8 people). ;-) Not my best 5k time ever, but not bad after the poor training we had been doing in the altitude-- 25:26.

Our next race is this coming weekend, and we think it will be even smaller. It was fun planning future races in the car-- we think we want to try Alaska next summer and end the 50 in 50 with the Hawaii marathon.

Speaking of marathons, this wasn't part of the 50 in 50 but I was able to do the Pittsburgh 1/2 marathon this year and set a new PR for that distance as well-- 1:50:38. Overall, it's been a good year for running and I'm looking forward to more. Now I just need to stop sleeping in on the days I have running dates with Chrissy!

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