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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Running like a diva means running late

Sometimes I struggle with whether or not to keep up with this blog, for several reasons:

  1. Google won't let me change the email address associated with it to another gmail address so it takes forever for me to get to it
  2. I feel pulled in many directions in my new domestic life and am no longer good at getting these written quickly
  3. I'm not sold that the blog itself is all that interesting

Those things may be true, but what keeps me going, albeit slowly, is this:

  1. I want to keep up the kiva donations.

This is the part of the race where I'm starting to feel some pain. And maybe like in a race, I just need to shift my stride. Put less stress on certain areas, run a bit looser, remind myself of the goal.

So I'll stick with it.

And this time, I thought dressing like a deranged fairy princess might add a bit more fun to the mix.

A tiara can never hurt, right?

Chrissy and I signed up for another girls weekend, and another race. I found the Diva's race in Leesburg, VA online and thought it might be fun to do a crazy girl-themed run. Strangely, as I'm actually not all that girly.

The idea of champagne must have sold me.

Sadly, there ended up being no champagne due to open container laws in VA.

Also sadly, I was not a fan of the Diva-based race. First of all, what is the deal with for-profit races? I could go on a rant here, but I'll limit it-- basically, if you want to run, run. If you want to run a race, run one where the money spent can do some good. And finally, if you are paying for a race that will make a profit, realize it is likely not organized or run by serious runners and therefore they won't know to plan for things like parking in advance and closing roads, and the race may start AN HOUR AND A HALF LATE. Oops. Ranted. Seriously though, I don't recommend this one.

Happily, we ran through some pretty vineyards and had a good time running together up some MAJOR hills.

Also happily, a friendly stranger shared some of his beer at the top of a particularly difficult hill, and man, was it good.

We definitely didn't set any records, but we had a good time, found some cute places to celebrate in town, and our little Anna became the happy new owner of race swag/new play clothes.

And other strangers can be happy new owners of items for their businesses if you click HERE to donate to kiva.

Love you all.
Keep running!

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  1. An hour and a half late....that is ridiculous! I'm always mad if they start 5 or 10 minutes late! I agree, some of these new "fun" style races are all about money and I haven't had the best experiences at them. At least you guys still had fun.