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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Glow, Girl, Glow

It has been a long time. Once again. So to my one follower (hi dad!), I'd like to apologize and thank you for reading even after all this time.

Last year, the hubs and I decided to re-do our first honeymoon. We titled it our “no flu second honeymoon.” (You can guess some details of our first.) Where else to go when you want to not experience the flu, but Tennessee!

 We rented a cabin in the woods and had a lovely time not throwing up, going on lots of hikes, checking out Knoxville and Asheville, and just basically enjoying life and love.

The boy's favorite pastime: wearing sunglasses and sitting in folding chairs

But I also got to run a race! Hooray!
Ready to Glow
I questioned whether or not this race counted for 50 in 50 as it broke one of my original rules: it was not timed. I didn't know that going in, and my competitive spirit was frankly pretty bummed to find out. However, it was an "official" race, and it was a 5k, so I'm saying it counts. Plus, it was very glow-y.

Also, I was the 7th person to finish (?!) so I'm not letting that go. I'm not talking age groups, people, I'm talking of the whole race. Boom. Of course, I have no proof. So, um, yeah, actually I was first. Yup. Definitely first.

Steve helped with my glow in the dark face paint while I creepily stared at things
You can find out more about the race here (they have them in multiple cities) and you can donate to kiva here.

I'll put out my other outdated posts soon and until then, just keep running, just keep running. Hey, it took Dory TEN years to get her sequel!

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