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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chicken in the car, car won't go...

That's how you spell...CHI-CA-GO!

I'm afraid this blog entry will not be my most exciting, for a few reasons:

1. I am late in writing this and still don't have much time to do it-- I blame the holidays and all my lovely friends and family-- in this case, being busy is a joy.

2. The race in Chicago was not too notable, and sadly, I don't have any pictures of the actual race.

So to spare you all time in reading a boring blog, let me just say that Chicago is an awesome city and it was fun being able to run out the door of my friend's apartment for a race that was only about a quarter mile away. The Jingle Bell Jog for arthritis had a good turnout and some fun giveaways and food type stuff. I did not do well for me - most likely because I had not been running much and because the race was on a snowy, slippery path in a park. I did have fun though, and I'm glad that I've hit 16 states. Next up, Kentucky!

If you want to donate to Kiva, you can do so here.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Caitlin -

    Great time or not so great is not really very important given the scale of your goal, which I'm confident you will accomplish, likely a decade ahead of schedule. Go for it, girl!

    In my opinion the biggest challenge you face is South Dakota since it only has a population of 1,962.5 hardy souls on average, of whom 52% are frozen solid six months of the year (again, on average). Consequently, you really cannot expect them to have many races, maybe once every 150 years, to celebrate the State susquecentennial. But maybe I'm thinking of North Dakota which is nearby and even colder since it's NORTH of South Dakota to the south. And when I saw the movie Fargo - which was a great film because of the co-stars accents - I was cold to the bone for several months... In any case, I suggest you downsize your goal accordingly to account for these two empty and uncooperative States, climate-wise.

    Anon (not to be confused with the poet of the same name...)