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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Buffalo vs. Bison and Local Pronunciation

If you have been a reader of this blog for some time, you know that I don't have much luck with New York.

Way back in February, my partner in 50by50 (Chrissy) and I went to NYC for the weekend to try for a third time at a NY race.

The good news: We got to see Newsies on Broadway.

The bad news: We also got to see a lot of the Megabus as we ended up coming back early due to weather...and YES, ditched the race.


When I got home to my partner in life (Steve), he suggested I forget New York City and we instead take a trip to somewhere else in New York. He also reminded me of all the minor league baseball teams we could see. (He is good at dropping hints for the things he loves!)

So I found a race in Buffalo and thankfully it was on a Friday night-- giving us time to go to a Saturday day game of the Bisons and still be home in time for him to write his sermon on Saturday night.

I married well.

The race was awesome. I somehow finally beat my 5k PR that I previously just couldn't shake, and it was great to have Steve with me at the end.

Here I am post-race. Quite the bully-fighting superhero, yes?

Having the race on Friday was perfect. Plenty of time afterwards for celebratory margaritas and plenty of time the next day to explore the city and enjoy a game (complete with Beef on Weck).

And before you go, consider theses two facts:

1. We do not actually have any buffalo in the US. They are all bison. (Which incidentally, reminds me of an amazing Muppets we all really out to "k-know w-who's w-who.")

2. People in Buffalo pronounce Bison "B-eyes-en." Go figure.

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