Journey with me as I ever so slowly attempt to run 50 races in 50 states by the time I am 50...

Monday, December 15, 2008

So it begins...(or 3 down, 47 to go)

This summer my friend Chrissy and I made the same life goal. We each decided we would run 50 races, in all 50 states, by the time we are 50. I got the idea from a guy I met when I ran my marathon who is doing the same thing with some friends, except they are doing 50 half-marathons.
Read more about my first marathon here:

We are a little less ambitious. :-) Our only stipulation is that each must be an officially organized race-- and must include running-- distance does not matter. The tricky part of course will be all the traveling. If I could count all the states I have run in, I would definitely have more than 3 by now...and I have to travel back to some far away places I have already been. Oh well...I suppose I can try to get some kind of excitement about having to go back to Hawaii. sigh. :-) Anyway, my first race ever was in California with AmeriCorps-- 10k-- just under 1 hour. And I have done plenty in Pennsylvania, including my best (and only) marathon (pictured left)- 4:29:41, best 10k- 50:37, and my best 5k- 23:30. And just this weekend, Chrissy and I flew in to North Carolina to cheer on our friends running the Charlotte marathon while we ran the 5k Jingle Jog with our other friend Emily.

Here we are on the way to breakfast post race. Emily and I ran wearing the hats- and it was a good thing that we did because it was COLD! :-)

47 to go...

Stay tuned for more running adventures!

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  1. Hey great idea! Except I'd probably insert the word "bike" where the word "run" appears. :)

    Also, that first photo looks like it was taken in Rocky Mt. National Park? I've been at that exact spot! Cool place, one of my favorites so far.