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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wine, Gummy Bears, and Friends for Life

I knew long ago that I wanted my Oregon race to be in Portland, so I could visit some awesome friends.

I also knew I wanted it to be a race in wine country after hearing about races said friends completed themselves.

Consider both goals complete.

Okay, technically the race was outside Portland, but close enough.

Sometimes I feel slightly crazy about my desire to travel/run combined with my willingness to go to great lengths to do so. I didn't have a day to take off work, so I planned to fly out on a Friday night, getting in late, and come back Sunday night on a red-eye. Short trip, but not bad.

However, a delayed flight left me coming in on Saturday instead. Much more of a whirlwind, but also a chance to see two more friends in Chicago during my brief layover. Only saw one for the duration of a car ride from the airport. Worth it.

In the brief time we had left on our visit, we got to explore the wonder that is Portland. Gotta love it.

The race itself was beautiful and so great to run with my girl Sarah, whom I've known and loved since 2nd grade. Okay really 1st grade but at that time we "hated" each other. We don't speak of that dark year. Now the love is deep and the girl supplies gummy bears at the end of a race. What's not to love?

I also got to see my friend Kelly and had a blast with both ladies. How lucky am I?

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