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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dissapointment with a side of relief (or the other way around?)

Alas, I will NOT be risking my life in Alaska this summer. Or at least not by running the Mt. Marathon race.  I got a call from my sister two nights ago letting me know that I did not make the lottery. Sigh. But all is not lost! First of all, I could still put my life at risk in Alaska in other ways. Let's take a vote.

Should I:

A. Pick a fight with a moose? (As I can't imagine wanting to physically harm an animal - I've been known to spend great deals of time trapping, rather than killing, various bugs - I think this would have to begin with name-calling)

B. Try to outrun a bear? (Hey, I've outrun dogs before)

C. Dive into an icy lake/river? (I could pretend I am going for Gryffindor's Sword! And I'd be smart enough to take the necklace off first...)

D. Hang out near the Palins' house, dressed as a caribou?

Or, I could just enjoy the time with my sister, brother-in-law, and cute little chubby baby foster-neice. Okay, that sounds good too.

I will however, still be running a race in Alaska- likely the Freedom 4-Miler in Wasilla. Never heard of it? What, you weren't one of the 24 people who ran it in 2010? I actually think running these small-town races is becoming kind of my thing. Last year, all those who ran were Alaskans...maybe I'll be the first one to travel from so far away...and maybe I'll win a prize for most patriotic costume. I better start sewing now...

An update on my [did-not-happen] run in WV will be coming soon.

Stay tuned for more running adventures!


  1. Pick the fight with the moose!!! Maybe you could get some mooseberries out of it... I think thats where they come from, right?

  2. I say moose or caribou costume, though the latter would mean you have to pack two costumes, if you also sew up the patriotic small town one, and they are charging a lot for extra luggage these days...oh so many factors to consider!

  3. caitlin, i wish that i didnt donate my blue sequined jumpsuit to cairo.. i think it would definitely make killer patriotic running garb!

  4. Ha ha- Haley, yes, that would have been perfect!