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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Treadmills in Paradise

The purpose of this post is twofold. One, I just wanted to say twofold. Okay, not really. I just typed that without thinking (something I often do when talking as well) but I like it, so it's staying. Actual reason number one, I leave for Alaska in two days and getting through these last few days before then is difficult. The hours are going to drag by like a sloth on sleeping pills. Why not use part of one of those hours to steal a song title from Jimmy Buffet and warp it into a blog about running? Two, I like treadmills and many runners (and non-runners) think this is weird.

It's time to write a love poem to my dear treadmills to inform the world of their beauty.

Scratch that. I'm horrible at poetry. I started with "Oh treadmill, oh treadmill" and deleted it quickly before it got ugly.

Instead I will just tell you some reasons why they can be great, in no particular order:

1. You can stop whenever you want. Unlike midway through an out and back run when you realize you are going to throw-up or faint and you still have 3-5 miles to your house. (But three cheers to good friends willing to pick up their struggling, light-headed, heavy-breathing buddies!)

2. You can force yourself to reach and maintain speeds you just might not otherwise.

3. You may engage in conversation with random strangers. Yes, I suppose there is the possibility of running into a random stranger while out running, but the possibility drastically declines when it comes to coincidentally running the same path at the same time for 30+ minutes. On a treadmill, you can make new friends (even if you forget that you have already met the next time you "meet" -- oops! Hey, people look different on treadmills and in "real" life!)

4. They allow you to run comfortably when the weather is above 90 degrees or below 0. I have my limits.

5. The belt goes in circles, but you do not. (Sorry, know how I feel.) Also, you do not have to count laps, use a garmin, or mapyourrun.

6. You can watch The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and not be judged for it...and not feel like it is a waste of time because you are burning calories, building muscle, and prepping for future runs.

7. You may be more likely to add some sculpting or additional cardio to your workout due to the sheer fact that the options are there. After an outside run, I typically call it a day.

So here's to treadmills and their persistance in moving us forward, even when we seem to be going nowhere!

Until Alaska...happy running, and happy living!


  1. LOVE. I am not totally convinced on the beauty of a treadmill, but that has much more to do with my lack of love of running than your well thought out arguments my friend. Hope Alaska is AMAZING! Miss you friend!

  2. I agree with everything you said about treadmills. People think I'm crazy too, but I don't mind them. And it gives me an excuse to watch Gilmore Girls :)

  3. Gilmore girls is another good one to catch while on the treadmill. Back in the day it was What I Like About You. :)