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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Fall, Y'all

I am not one of those people who goes ga-ga over the fall but I do love a lot about the season and have plenty to be thankful for as I think about this time of year winding down.

First, as today is my birthday (!), I am thankful to those who gave me the gift of life and all those who, like them, have done a wonderful job contributing to making it a great one so far.

I am also thankful for my running buddies who come up with cool ideas like running field trips and super not-lame catch phrases like "America's Fast-time."

On Saturday, our field trip coordinator, Kevin, pulled a bunch of us together for our second official trail fun run - this time in Saltsburg. Most of the group decided to go for 13 miles, but Kevin and Arthur, as hard core as they are, pulled out 18. We had three bikers so water was not a problem - even less so as the run was out and back with a fountain at the turn-around point by the dam. The trail was beautiful and despite a few challenging hills, not too difficult. Though a bit late in the season, we lucked out with temps in the 50s and were still able to enjoy the pretty leaves.

Afterwards, we went to the Olde Salt Restaurant for lunch, where I was given more butter and syrup for my French Toast than 10 sugar-hungry little kids could have handled. We also took a cheesy Brady Bunch-esque picture on the stairs. Nice.

Gotta love this season...and though we may be close to the next one, you won't be hearing me say "Deck the Halls Y'all" until after Thanksgiving.

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  1. Hey lady! I'm originally from Saltsburg. :) Glad you liked the trails. It's even more fun if you take a kayak from the dam and float down to the "Little burg". ~Tricia Chicka