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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Running Around a Square...For the Fifth Time

The Run Around the Square is my favorite Pittsburgh 5k. I love it because of the unbelievable turnout, amazing community support, interesting musicians, great swag, and of course the champagne stop after mile one.

While some of these areas were a bit lacking this year (not such great freebies, and I think I only saw one musician-- compared to other years that had bagpipes, steel drums, and violins all throughout the course), I again loved the race.

This year there were two big perks:

1. A whole slew of people from PWRD/PSL/RUNPGH (gotta love the acronyms!) made me feel rich in running buddies, and

2. I was one second below my 5K PR (in part thanks to the people mentioned in #1 who motivated me to pick it up on the last mile) which was over a minute and a half faster than my best time for this race in particular!

It's kind of a tough race as the trails are narrow and mile two has some brutal hills, but it is always a fun one to do and I hope to be there again next year for the 30th anniversary!

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