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Saturday, June 4, 2011

One blog, two blog, which blog, who blog?

Hey y'all- exciting news! I have been asked to be part of kiva's brand new project called the Ecosystem Blog Series. You can learn more about it and see the daily updates here.

Shortly, they will have 10 different contributers blog about a day in their lives, each coming from a different kiva perspective, such as an employee, a lender, or a loaner (me!)

My being asked to be part of this was in large part because of 50 in 50, which means, in large part because of all of YOU. So, thank you, and join me in reading all the blogs over the next two weeks. They start on Monday, June 6th, and mine will be featured on June 17th. I'll warn you that mine is nothing special, but I am honored to be included and hope this whole project will just shine more light on the great work that kiva does, bringing in more and more support, leading to more and more loans.
As for this little blog, I will be updating shortly on post-marathon life, and the anticipation of 5Ks. Exciting, right?!

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