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Friday, March 2, 2012

Run for Haiti

While I am usually pulling for donations to Kiva (and will continue to do so for my 50 in 50 races) I have decided to do my first marathon relay with Shadyside Presbyterian Church to raise money for their Run for Haiti campaign. All donated funds will go to the Pittsburgh Presbytery, which is committed to supplying and installing ten solar-powered water treatment systems in Haiti. What is awesome is that the cost of the race passes for all relay teams through Shadyside have been donated by the marathon committee (since the church is on the race route and has been extra-accomodating for the race: cheering, changing church service times on race day, etc.) so 100 percent of all money raised will go directly to this effort.

I unfortunately can't direct you to a site for online giving, but if you would like to donate, send me an email or leave your address in the comments below and I can give you an address.

I'll keep ya'll posted and stay tuned for my next 50 in 50 state: Kentucky!

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