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Friday, August 5, 2011

Flashback Friday, Batman!

Another of my dorky secrets (I am guessing my friend Ali would be ashamed to learn this about me, much in the same way she was ashamed to learn of my love for Harry Potter) is my love of Batman.

I have always loved Batman as he is the only superhero (I know of) who actually possesses no super powers. True, he does have a ton of money to invest in his gadgets, but he is crazy smart and well-trained.

Anyway, I particularly love the most recent Batmans because of my love of Christian Bale. It all started when he was just Carrying the Banner.

And now, as the third movie of the Dark Knight series is being filmed, my love continues to grow as Gotham city is now set in my favorite city and Robin included in the cast is Joseph-Gorden Levitt. (correction from my friend Kristin, pictured below...she will always know more about movies than I will)

So, of course, I needed to add in one more of my favorite things, and use my running group as a cover for some light stalking.

Last night I convinced about 8 others to join me on a rogue expedition into Oakland on the off chance that we would see some stars out as they filmed by the Mellon Institute. Well, sadly, the only thing we saw were three covered Batmobiles and the back of a young guy walking into a trailer (I am claiming this was Joe, proof or not). However, I did learn that our running group really bands together on important missions and discovered many hidden talents! Maddie somehow wrangled up a sharpie for potential autographs and Sarah boldly led us down closed streets and through buildings to get as close as possible.

Now wait! This is supposed to be a flashback friday! Perfect, because I have just the picture:

This is me and my friend Kristin at the Point, filming a scene from My Tale of Two Cities.

We got to sing Won't You Be My Neighbor for the closing scene of the film. You should really check it out. :)

There were no real celebrities involved, unless you count Mr. McFeeley, and I don't because I tried on the Speedy Delivery jacket when he brought it in to the dry cleaner where I worked. (shhhhh) However, it was my last and only other semi-movie related adventure and that was 5 years ago. So you should see how important Batman really is to me.

And that is my flashback Friday. Sort of inspired by running, but mostly inspired by the man in black.


  1. You may not remember but also knew Mr. McFeeley. His daughter pitched on my softball team for years. -Stephanie

  2. Of course I knew that! Carrie!