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Thursday, June 23, 2011

If I were the alphabet...

Courtesy of Lauren at Heya, Sparky!

Why? Because there is more to me than running.

A. Age: 30. Boom.
B. Bed Size: Full. Perfect.
C. Chore that you hate: Vaccuming. I like the end product, but not the lugging out the vaccuum part. I'd honestly rather clean the toilet.
D. Dogs: Woof. When I get a dog, I will name him Woofy. Woofy and I will love each other so.
E. Essential start to your day: Stretching. It's a runner's life.
F. Favorite Color: Blue and Yellow. John Carroll!
G. Gold or Silver: Silver. Unless paired with Black, in sporting events.
H. Height: 5'7"- I will never be a supermodel. Sigh.
I. Instruments you play: Human bagpipes; pseudo-guitar
J. Job Title: Coordinator of Fun
K. Kids: are for Tricks.
L. Live: and let die. Am I doing this right?
M. Mother's Name: Janet. And my middle name!
N. Nicknames: Rofe, Rofener, C-Ro, Bacon
O. Overnight hospital stays: are no fun. No fun at all.
P. Pet peeve: When people refuse to communicate. Or, to make this post somewhat about running- when people cut you off, or stop dead in their tracks in front of you in a race.
Q. Quote from a movie: " 'Give it here, Percy, I don't mind coconut.' 'You don't mind nothin' girl' "
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: Stephanie and Gwyn
T. Time you wake up: 6:00, 6:10, 6:20, 6:30 and 6:40. Dang that snooze alarm.
U. Underwear: is important. And should be worn clean. And appropriately for the occaision.
V. Vegetable you hate: Cauliflower
W. What makes you run late: Captain Distracto, when he chooses to strike
X. X-Rays you've had: One of my chest when I was hit by a baseball bat. In a street fight. (Or a baseball game.)
Y. Yummy food that you make: Guacamole. Spinach-Artichoke Dip. Eggplant Parmasean. And now Brownies. Strawberry Cake. Homemade Granola Bars. Thank you Smitten Kitchen for coming into my life.
Z. Zoo Animal: Dolphins. Always dolphins. Unless there are whales around.


  1. fun! I like your quote. Corina Corina is best.