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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Calling all runners...

I have been having fun lately reading about the top races in the US, trying to find good ones in each state for my future runs. As a result of this, I have two requests for my friends:

1. What is your favorite run? Any suggestions?

2. Interested in joining me for the Hood to Coast Ultra-Relay? It takes over 30 hours and requires a team of 8-12 people...but each person does 20 miles or less in three different legs.

Help a sister out!


  1. Neil and I plan to run the 'March of Dimes' race they hold every year on St Patties Day in Savannah GA. Supposedly Savannah has the craziest St Patrick's celebration and the race is done with people all dressed up in green and all ready a little intoxicated. (plus my friend Amie lives there!) So i vote you jump on that band wagon and join us...

    We were going to run a race in WV at their county fair when we had to make a wedding alcohol run (it's cheaper to buy massive amounts of liquor there) but it may be a bit too early in the am for me. Anyway - i'd keep that in mind cause it looked like a blast. The fair had livestock contests and pretty baby contests and homemade quilts and things. So very West Virginia

    I know you may not be a big football fan but in south bend Indiana they have a race that takes you through Notre Dame's campus and ends with you running through the team entrance onto the field (if you don't get emotional about this option - watch Rudy then decide)

    The Chicago marathon is supposedly great - but i've heard they have a "rock n roll" half marathon that the course is all along the lakefront and through downtown and through the parks (amazing) and it benefits the american cancer society and it kicks major butt (it's in early august though - just missed it)

    In Bridgeville Delaware they have a "punkin chunkin" contest every year in November where they have people make contraptions to catapult pumpkins as far as possible (record over 4,400 feet) and i want to go so bad to watch. This is not a race but there must be some random race nearby.

    and then these people did just a whole bunch more looking into things than me....

    good luck! love you!! (and i hope we run some of these together)

  2. also this may help (the last website i posted was mostly in europe i think, haha)