Journey with me as I ever so slowly attempt to run 50 races in 50 states by the time I am 50...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

PCD (Post-Colorado Disorder)

Today is one month since I have been back home from my summer in Colorado and I am realizing just how few and far between some of these 50 in 50 races are going to be.

It was great to be with Chrissy this summer as motivation to get states checked off together, but since being home it seems as if it will be a long time before I get to do my next one. Partially due to the demands of school, partially not having a partner in crime living right here, and partially because of timing.

However, as an update, the current plans are: New Jersey in October and Florida in December.

Since being back in Pittsburgh I ran my favorite race (Run Around the Square- 5k- and ran into a bunch of fellow runners. The race is one of my favorites because of the course (street and trails), the challenge (the 2nd mile is a killer steady uphill), the crowd support (there are musicians and people scattered throughout including violinists, steel drum players, trumpet players, etc.), and the great perks (beer and champagne stop, Rita's Italian Ice at the end, and all kinds of freebies). Worth checking out.

I am (pseudo) training for the Great Race, but have had some set-backs. I haven't done a 10k in a long time and have not been getting the speed work-outs that I have wanted so I am not 100% confident. Then, this week I rolled my ankle twice on a jog and have decided to stay off it for a while.

To all you runners out there, just remember: set a goal and stick with it. Even if it will take you 22 years. Amidst the rolled ankles and lack of motivation are new achievements and sometimes, random beer stops. ;-)


  1. When you gonna be in Jersey? and where?

  2. Did you run a race in New Jersey? Are you looking for a partner in crime for things other than running?